We are Chris and Rachel, two stereotypical coffee addicts living in Seattle. We upload a weekly podcast where we sit down, brew a pot of coffee, and discuss our strange and unconventional lives. Follow us along our journey as we discover this new city, adopt more cats, and make careers in the digital world.



Q: Where do I send coffee for you guys to try?
A: PO Box 61218, Seattle WA, 98141

Q: Where can I watch #ChrachelCooks or Chrachel Plays?
A: Click these! #ChrachelCooks and Chrachel Plays

Q: Where can I ask a question?
A: Use #coffeewithchrachel on Twitter, send your questions to                                        coffeewithchrachel@gmail.com, or use this page

Q: What equipment do you use?
A: Zoom H4nMXL 990Neewer Suspension BoomDragonpad